I'm Muhibbullah Shiddique. I'm a professional web developer, content writer, SEO specialist and founder of WebTech and UIIT in Bangladesh. I've started my career in IT business by blogging since 2008. Day by day, I have completed some necessary courses for IT business such as web development, SEO, and online marketing. Besides my job, I have also trained up lots of students who were interested in setting up their career as a freelancer in IT sector. My best expertise is developing an optimal business plan, and executing it to grow a business from bottom to top position by analyzing the market, competition, budget, working process, business goal, and ROI.

Web Development: If your existing website fails to attract the target clients, let me find out the black holes in your business website and improve them by proper design and contents.

Search Engine Optimization: Search engines are the best sources of real and targeted clients till now, and only search engines can provide you more than 60% clients in an organic way. Your business website may look beautiful, but it never brings the new clients until it appears to the 1st page of search engines. There are more than 10 strategies and 100 plus SEO factors. If you do not want to waste your money and time by taking low quality and old method SEO, let me find out the best SEO strategy for your business website. Most of the people make the same mistake while hiring an SEO firm. You should not use a static SEO strategy for the different businesses. The SEO strategies can vary according to business types, competition, and goal. By analyzing your website, business type, competition, and buyer keywords accurately, I can develop an effective SEO strategy for your website that will keep your web page on the 1st page of any search engines for month after month and year after year.

Social Branding: Some inexperienced marketers believe that the primary use of social sites is selling products. But, the social sites are the place for introducing, recognizing and socializing a business with the community that develops a brand value to the clients. As a result, the product selling comes as a by-product. Give me an opportunity to establish a brand value for your business.