About Me

I'm a programmer, web developer, affiliate marketer, article writer and freelancing & outsourcing trainer in Bangladesh. My presence in IT sector is in 2004, and in that time I have just completed only a primary computer and internet course from a training center located at Dhaka cantonment area. From that course, I got some money earning ideas and sources such as PTC (paid to click), Survey and Data Entry. I started PTC job and made some bucks, but I found it useless as I could not withdraw any money from PTC job. This way I was studying, experiencing and outsourcing to get the better source and ways of online earning.

In 2007, I just learned about Google Adsense and started blogging on a free blogging platform "Blogger.com" on sports niche with my younger brother "Abdullah Al Mamun". We had been earning some little money from Adsense on a daily basis such as $2-$10 per day in 2008. 2009-2010 I was a senior trainer on blogging for Google Adsense, Affiliate marketing and SEO in Egen International Ltd. Then, it was an IT training center specialty on blogging for Google Adsense. Before 2010, I have individually achieved a handful of Adsense Check of $200-300 on a monthly basis.

Since 2010, I have trained up lots of students and helped to set up their career in IT sector. At the beginning of 2010, I have earned $9320 in 30 days in the event of football world cup 2010 by selling only one software as an affiliate marketer with some of my students together. Since then some of my students are earning an average $2000 per month individually.

Journey with WDDCF.COM:

After completing a professional certification course on "Web Application Development" successfully from IAC of BUET in 2012, I started a proprietorship IT business under the "WDDCF.COM". After six to seven months later I started my web development career as an employee in several outsourcing companies and continued until 30th October 2015.

Journey with WebTech.Com.BD

In 1st November 2015, I have started my business with office space at Uttara with some employees and still running my business successfully with new domain named "WebTech.Com.BD". Now, WebTech is serving more than 100 happy clients by website developing, content writing and online marketing. Now WebTech has 10 fixed employees and more than 20 freelance employees to provide one-stop website and marketing solution.

Partnership and FZillion Tragedy:

I have started WebTech with 15 partners hoping to set up a big company in Bangladesh. We started our new business successfully, and all of my partners were also happy and respectful to me. After 5 months later, I got a massive project for SEO from the USA for a 1-year contract with 21 staffs for a full-time job with 3 shifted in a day. The main job depends on the night shift under a senior SEO project manager. To manage this project, I hade to invest almost 5 lac Taka, personally. The client always wanted to get the overnight result and kept the pressure on to see a certain amount of sale every day. So, my team worked hard, but after 30 days of full working, while it was time to payment, the client stopped communication. As a result, this situation affected to my partners negatively and made them hopeless. Finally, I settled a meeting and took their comments about to continue the business or not. Finally, I received a decision to cancel the partnership by refunding their investment as much as possible. In that time, I lost more than 10 lac Taka. Since then, I'm only one the owner WebTech. From this partnership business, I have learned lots of painful things practically. But, it helped me a lot.

At the mid of 2016, I have started affiliate marketing again as a was alone. As a result, I could concentrate fully on my affiliate business, and from September 2016 to October 2017 I have earned almost $30,000 by selling affiliate products online.

Partnership Business Success 2018

From the mid of 2017, I have changed my office and decorated well. I was thinking to separate my training center from office and make a partnership with other training centers in Dhaka. After talking with them about the facilities of combined IT Training centers, most of the companies agreed to my policy. Finally, on 5th January 2018, we have taken a new training center with 10 partners investing 10 Lac Taka together. Now, all of my partners are happy, and we are doing well.

Founder & CEO

I'm the founder and CEO of WebTech

  • WebTech, a leading web development company in Bangladesh for one stop website development, content writing and online marketing soution.
  • UIIT, A Professional IT Training Center.

Skills & Experiences

I have been learning and working since 2004 in the same field of IT. I'm skilled, and real-life professionally working experienced in the below subjects:

Web Development & Programming Languages:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Ajax
  • JSON
  • PHP
  • MySQL

Online Marketing Skills On:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Money Making Business Development:

  • Web Application Development
  • Affiliate / Adsense Money Earning Website Development
  • Online Business Development